How we work


At SALS we major heavily on safety & quality which is our top priority and are the key to the whole operation.

Our safety procedures have been designed to keep people safe and ensure vessels are maintained to the very highest standards. All the vessels we manage are audited for compliance well in advance of statutory compliance dates.

We also devote considerable effort to establishing the very best environmental practices and energy efficiencies.



At SALS our safety policy supports our commitment to zero injuries and the highest standards of protecting property, equipment and the environment. We comply with the IMO International Safety Management (ISM) Code.



Our exceptional people all over the world are the key to every aspect of our service.

We are committed to generous staffing levels and supportive management, employing more people than our competitors for equivalent tasks. Our ship group structure means that every vessel we manage has dedicated personnel working as a team.  

We offer our employees professional training, skills development and good career progression. In return we value knowledge, dedication and positive attitudes. The majority of our shore-based operations staff have seagoing qualifications with many years of practical seagoing experience behind them.



Our range of services offers both breadth and depth, including technical management, recruitment and management of crew, vessel commercial management, accounting and marine consultancy services. With over 20 years of providing ship management services behind us, we are geared to tailor the perfect solution whatever the challenge, always operating with optimum
safety and efficiency. We have long-term, high profile Clients who benefit from the vessel-specific skills within our dedicated ship groups. Our shore-based operations staff brings the benefits of vast sea time experience to their roles.



We comply with all applicable international, national, state and local laws and regulations. We take action to control the risk of any possible personal injury, damage to the environment, property and equipment. Our quality procedure provide high levels of control. We co-operate with maritime organisations and governmental trade and industry associations in order to maintain the highest standards of health and safety.



The health and safety of every member of staff is of great value to us, so we ensure that our vessels are positive places to work, where staff can be certain that their needs will be met.
With this in mind we:

Provide a medical plan for seafarers and their families
Monitor rest hours for each ship
Train our cooks to a high standard
Pay attention to food safety regulations
Operate high standard of hygiene
Implement our drugs & alcohol policy
Maintain smoking regulations
Maintain targets and objectives for continuous improvement.



Our own unique Behaviour Based Safety training provides:
A proactive approach to safety
A structured safety observation process
Actively searching for ‘unsafe acts and conditions’ or ‘barriers’
Corrective actions to remove barriers
Preventative actions to stop them from happening again
A way of sharing lessons learned with the fleet

Since BBS was introduced, the number of Unsafe Acts being identified and corrected has been increasing and the number of Lost Time Injuries has been decreasing. This is a real reflection of the continuously improving safety culture among our personnel.​​​​



Quality pervades every aspect of our operation at SALS, ensuring that we offer ship management services to the very highest standard. Our complete reliability across every aspect of our business is the result of our complete dedication to quality standards.
SALS has achieved the ISO9001: 2008 Standard for Quality Management Systems accreditation in 2011.

We maintain a rigorous programme of audits and inspections throughout the organisation, which includes management reviews, quarterly reports and internal and external verifications as appropriate.

Our targets and objectives mean that we are continually striving to improve every aspect of our work at SALS, including areas which benefit the environment and improve our energy management.



At SALS we are committed to a policy of conserving the environment, adopting the latest environmental standards and going beyond what is required by regulations and legislation.

The Environmental Management System involves identifying environmental aspects which could possibly cause environmental impact (such as waste management, vendor awareness, exhaust gas emissions, ballast water management, VOC Emissions) and putting control measures in place to minimise the impact.

Our commitment is to:
• Never breach environmental pollution standards
• Strictly follow and maintain international and local environmental regulations and where possible implement in advance of regulation.

We work actively to:
• Reduce the use and disposal of hazardous material
• Reduce garbage and improve waste management
• Improve heat recovery systems
• Ensure environmentally sound ship recycling
• Decrease emissions  through efficient energy management



We have put in place an Energy Management System which contributes to society by reducing fuel and lube oil consumption and limiting emissions increasing our overall sustainability profile.

We provide Energy Management Training ashore and onboard, helping staff to make the changes in operations which make a difference to energy consumption. Changing people’s attitudes to energy consumption is the key to continually improving this area across the organisation.



Our priority is always to prevent unforeseen incidents, protecting the interests of our Owners, Clients and Seafarers and ensuring that their reputations remain intact and financially sustainable.