What we do


At Sals shipping, we provide individually structured services to meet the needs of Ship Owners and Operators. We have been providing these services to some select international ship owners committed to working with us ensuring their assets are always maintained and value added to them.



Our office plays a vital role in maintaining our all-important international connections. With more than 200 sea staff, we have extensive experience of managing multi-national crews. Onshore, our strong team of over 30 employees includes operational, technical and support staff with experience across a wide of range vessel types. Our MANAGEMENT TEAM brings years of experience from the ship management field to the company.



At SALS our mission is to provide reliable and efficient management, combined with optimal operational safety. We keep our promises and deliver our very best across the spectrum of ship management services every single



One of our most important values is our attitude to the people we work with. We are proud of our high staff retention rate as we see this as an indicator of a supportive management style and excellent working conditions. The success of SALS depends on the commitment and competence of our team based on their skills and experience which they develop as part of the organization.



Our strong commitment in the field of ship management is based on the trust which our Clients place in our loyal services. Over many years, we have demonstrated levels of reliability by showing that quality and service is at the core of the organizational identity. We have developed a reputation as highly experienced providers of ship management services which we are committed to maintaining in the future.



Sals Shipping Pvt Ltd is located in Mumbai with affiliate offices in Dubai and Singapore. The company is specialized in the supply of general oilfield related services with an emphasis on the supply of specialized human resources to the oilfield, shipping and fabrication sectors. On drilling rigs, fabrication sites, production platforms and ships, we can provide skilled personnel European / Asian on a continuous basis. The strength of SALS is its worldwide infrastructure and the sourcing and supply of a variety of nationalities.



Traditional marine skills coupled with judicious use of technology help us deliver Safe, Efficient and High Quality Ship Management services.Take care of the ship as if it was our own.Ensure that each ship’s operating requirements are met and performance is at the optimum. Generate MIS reports for customers in order to monitor vessel performance. Mentoring & supporting the ship staff to improve onboard performance. Monitor budgets and control costs without compromising on Productivity, Safety & the Environment. An important tool for used by the technical team is the Planned Maintenance System, AMOS which developed by Spectec. Our Superintendents develop a very good rapport with our seafarers to facilitate a good working atmosphere on board and thus, an increase in productivity. The team has extensive experience in handling difficult ships in difficult operating areas.